Although all crimes are serious, murder is the ultimate crime.  A murder conviction is one of the few crimes that can result in the ultimate punishment: death.  Parker and Pugh has handled a number of murder cases to include first degree murder.  Just because you kill someone, doesn’t mean you have committed a crime.  Tennessee is a state that recognizes self-defense.  Our attorneys have had murder cases dismissed before the case even reaches a jury after pleading self-defense.

Like all of our cases, we take pride in tailoring our defense to the facts surrounding your case.  Sometimes a prosecutor will over charge a case.  This means that you may be charged with first-degree murder but the facts do not meet the essential elements.  We have been successful in the past in getting first-degree murder cases reduced to either second-degree murder or even manslaughter.  Our attorneys work diligently in getting your charges either dismissed or reduced.  With any criminal case, our attorneys make it a point to reduce the maximum punishment.  This may include filing a notice of self-defense, filing a notice of alibi or even working with the district attorney and reaching a settlement.

All of our attorneys will take the time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.  Although we can’t predict the outcome of any case, we do make a fair assessment of every case we handle and will keep you fully aware of your options.

With any crime, it is important to be defended.  Parker and Pugh recognizes that there is a big difference in merely being represented and being defended.  If you have been charged with murder/homicide, contact Parker and Pugh immediately so we can begin building your defense.  It never hurts to call and the first consultation is always free.  No matter the circumstances of your case, our attorneys are ready to defend you with the utmost respect and determination.

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